Vision Empowered Coaching

“Steve Allen brings a wealth of wisdom to the coaching relationship.  What makes Steve a great coach is not just his ability to listen and reflect, but also his willingness to drill down to bottom line issues. It’s not just experience and perspective which allow him to ask the right questions; it’s a talent deeply rooted in intentionality and practice. To work with and walk alongside Steve is both and honor and privilege.”

Jon Pinkston

Owner & Founder, Blue Kayak Partners LLC

“Walking with Steve over the last year has drastically transformed my life.  Every time I 
talk to him I feel more equipped with the tools I need to confidently pursue my dreams. 
He has helped release me into my destiny, with both a strategy and faith.  I feel 
competent and confident to take even the most intimidating steps toward my goals, and 
realize the mark of great men is overcoming fear and obstacles that seem to stand in my 
way.   Meeting with Steve is my favorite part of the week because I walk away 
empowered and prepared to achieve God’s best for my life.”
Ben DuBose

Training Coordinator & Strategist, The Caleb Company

“Steve Allen is an amazing man of God who is called to raise up 10,000 fathers. He loves
empowering others and igniting them into their own destiny. I have had a rich life, and
have been associated with many leaders, young and old, but never have I walked with
someone like Steve, who so succinctly, week after week, helps me to fine tune my own
calling, and challenges me to prioritize my life to accomplish that calling.”

Don Finto

Pastor Emeritus of Belmont Church, The Caleb Company

“Navigating through the storms and successes of life as a husband, father, and entrepreneur
is no easy task. Along this journey, I have come to greatly value the lighthouses God plants
along the coast. Steve Allen is such a lighthouse, bringing a listening ear, the light of God’s
presence and practical wisdom to every session.”

Traylor Woodall

Executive Creative Director & Founder, Five Stone Studios • Nashville, TN

“Steve Allen, through his incredible giftings in encouragement and empowerment, has
given me the confidence and boldness to fight for my dreams. I no longer will be a slave
to a monotonous lifestyle of doubt and timidity, but instead will live my one chance at
life with purpose and direction. Steve helped me find my God-given passion in life,
and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Zach Garza

Teacher and Coach • Dallas, Texas, Director of The Forerunner Mentoring Program

“Steve Allen has been a voice of constant encouragement in my life. His passion for life
is contagious and his faith is inspirational. I have been continually blessed by the wisdom
that Steve carries and the Godly counsel and advice that he prayerfully and consistently
shares. His coaching has motivated me to live with greater vision and purpose and
challenged me to overcome the obstacles in my way. Through Steve’s coaching I can
say with confidence that I am pursuing my God given destiny!”

Alex Eagle

Vice President , Clear Fork, Inc. Oil & Gas Producer

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