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“Navigating through the storms and successes of life as a husband, father, and entrepreneur
is no easy task. Along this journey, I have come to greatly value the lighthouses God plants
along the coast. Steve Allen is such a lighthouse, bringing a listening ear, the light of God’s
presence and practical wisdom to every session.”

Traylor Woodall

Executive Creative Director & Founder, Five Stone Studios, Nashville, TN

“Steve Allen is a coach and a mentor who has forever impacted my life. His wisdom, leadership, and vision has both inspired and provoked me to live a life of profound purpose. I am grateful for his investment into my life and the vision and courage that was imparted to me through his coaching. Being coached by Steve Allen will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!”
Brently Pennington

International educator

Working with Steve was one of the most fulfilling and productive experiences of my life. His intentional activities, probing questions, and practical guidance  enabled me to establish a clear path forward toward the things I had been longing to cultivate or accomplish. He was deeply committed to me as a person and demonstrated the perfect balance of pushing me and showing me grace when overcoming obstacles. His heart is large, his consistency is admirable, and his methods are sound. I would highly recommend him as a coach!

Emily George

RN, DrPH, Healthcare Transformation Specialist

“Receiving the incredible blessing of Leadership coaching from Steve was a profoundly impactful journey. The endless well of wisdom from His friendship with the Holy Spirit has produced lasting tools to sharpen, challenge, refine, and reveal the identity, destiny, and leadership God has designed me to walk in. My life has forever been influenced by this father of the faith, and his careful discipleship.

Grace Whitley

Caleb Global, School of Revival Student

“Like every young man, I was in need of a mentor. Someone with great wisdom and experience that could assist in giving me a vision to run down a path of passion and to pursue my destiny with great tenacity. Steve Allen was that mentor for me. His own personal life and testimony has given me vision to wholeheartedly reach for all that God desires for me. I can honestly say that Steve was instrumental in the formation of my vision for the rest of my life, and whatever impact I have in this world he has a big share in. It is an honor to know Steve Allen and to have had the opportunity to learn from him.”

Jacob Engle

International Minister, School of Revival Student

“Every time I have a meeting with Steve I leave feeling more confident of my purpose and vision. I appreciate that he is not afraid to tell me hard truths sometimes when I need to hear it. I trust that he will give me godly, wise council and always listen to what God is saying first and foremost. Steve has helped me become a better teacher, a better student, and a better leader”

Mallory Hrehor

Classical Christian Educator

“Steve’s guidance as a mentor and coach was incredibly instrumental in my transition from an aimless college student to a young leader in a missions organization with global impact. Steve undoubtedly possess faith, wisdom, compassion, and self-discipline like I have seen in no other mentor and used those characteristics in every coaching session to help me become a man of greater vision and integrity. I am confident that I will continue to use the strategies and wisdom that Steve imparted through his coaching for the rest of my life to lead my family toward our dreams and calling.”

Judah Robinson

Director of Training & HR, Caleb Company

“After nearly 3 years of coaching with Steve Allen I can honestly say my life is more “on-track” than at any time in my adult life. Starting with the crafting of a vision statement. Defining my identity in Christ first. Then exploring my roles as a 60-year old husband, father, grandfather, physician, mentor, and steward. I have experienced breakthroughs in my efficiency and my satisfaction in all these arenas. I am continually blessed and challenged by Steve’s probing questions, spirit guided prayers over my life, and “action items” I need to handle between our calls. I strongly encourage anyone considering coaching, from an unashamedly Christian World View, to connect with Steve!”

Jay D Capra, M.D.

West Texas

“Steve’s gift of coaching has stretched me to dig deep for the gold of my identity in order to fulfill my destiny. Steve fills your spiritual tool box, sharpening and propelling you forward in developmental growth. Each session with Steve is very rich. I highly recommend investing your time with Steve. It has impacted my life to go forth with increased confidence!”

Carol Gooch

Women’s discipleship leader, Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 9, Memphis, Tennessee

“Having known and worked with Steve and his spiritual sons for the better part of a decade, it has become clear that he has a direct impact on my alignment with God’s will. Today, I am a better father, son, husband, friend, employee, mentor, leader, believer and child of God because of the guidance Steve has received and passed on. The genuine and sincere nature that Steve excitedly brings to each of our meetings makes me feel loved, appreciated and known. Every once in a while you come across something, or someone, that has the ability to transform the path of your life’s trajectory, be prepared to fasten your seat belt with Allen Coaching!”

Scott Wright

Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Development Project Manager, Quidnet Energy, Houston, Texas

“Steve Allen brings a wealth of wisdom to the coaching relationship.  What makes Steve a great coach is not just his ability to listen and reflect, but also his willingness to drill down to bottom line issues. It’s not just experience and perspective which allow him to ask the right questions; it’s a talent deeply rooted in intentionality and practice. To work with and walk alongside Steve is both an honor and privilege.”

Jon Pinkston

Owner & Founder, Blue Kayak Partners LLC

“Walking with Steve over the last year has dramatically transformed my life.  Every time I 
talk to him I feel more equipped with the tools I need to confidently pursue my dreams. 
He has helped release me into my destiny, with both a strategy and faith.  I feel 
competent and confident to take even the most intimidating steps toward my goals, and 
realize the mark of great men is overcoming fear and obstacles that seem to stand in my 
way.   Meeting with Steve is my favorite part of the week because I walk away 
empowered and prepared to achieve God’s best for my life.”
Ben DuBose

Director of 1242 properties LLC, Real Estate Investment Firm

“Steve Allen is an amazing man of God who is called to raise up 10,000 fathers. He loves
empowering others and igniting them into their own destiny. I have had a rich life, and
have been associated with many leaders, young and old, but never have I walked with
someone like Steve, who so succinctly, week after week, helps me to fine tune my own
calling, and challenges me to prioritize my life to accomplish that calling.”

Don Finto

Pastor Emeritus of Belmont Church, The Caleb Company

“Steve Allen, through his incredible giftings in encouragement and empowerment, has
given me the confidence and boldness to fight for my dreams. I no longer will be a slave
to a monotonous lifestyle of doubt and timidity, but instead will live my one chance at
life with purpose and direction. Steve helped me find my God-given passion in life,
and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Zach Garza

Teacher and Coach • Dallas, Texas, Director of The Forerunner Mentoring Program

“Steve Allen has been a voice of constant encouragement in my life. His passion for life
is contagious and his faith is inspirational. I have been continually blessed by the wisdom
that Steve carries and the Godly counsel and advice that he prayerfully and consistently
shares. His coaching has motivated me to live with greater vision and purpose and
challenged me to overcome the obstacles in my way. Through Steve’s coaching I can
say with confidence that I am pursuing my God given destiny!”

Alex Eagle

Vice President , Clear Fork, Inc. Oil & Gas Producer

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